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Perspective & Opinion: Conservative/Liberal The purpose of this perspective paper/exercise is for you to apply “conservative” and “liberal” perspectives to a current “real life” social issue. As a result of this assignment, you should gain a more in-depth understanding of how each perspective shapes one’s beliefs about and action taken toward a social issue. Select one of the issues listed below and examine it from both a conservative and liberal perspective; then state your own opinion about it identifying whether you are taking a conservative or liberal position. The paper is to be three full pages in length; one page for conservative perspective; one for liberal; one for your opinion. Data and research citations are not required, but may be included. NOTE: It is understood that the perspective/opinion you take on the issue may not be one you truly hold. In addition, the instructor is not looking for a particular position on any of the listed social issues (i.e., there is no “right” answer in regard to your personal perspective). Capital Punishment/Execution – Keep it or abolish it? Immigration – Looser or stricter regulations? Same Sex Marriage – Keep it legal or revoke current law? Affordable Care Act – Withdraw government funding or continue implementation? Recreational Marijuana – Should it be legalized for everyone or continue being illegal? Religion – Should government restrict some religious practices or should they not? Gun Control – Should automatic assault weapons be legal or outlawed? Law Enforcement/Police – Do they have too much power/authority or not enough? National Anthem – Should public protest actions be allowed or not? Conservative perspective: less government involvement; limit government funding; less trusting of people; individual responsibility Liberal perspective: more government involvement; increase funding when needed; more trusting of people; environmental influences


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