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University of Dayton speaker series: “the importance of the first presidential debate,” with LAWRENCE LESSIG (9/19/2016) (who is given the speech) A Harvard law professor and new york times bestselling author, Lawrence Lessig first became known for developing the very foundation of internet law, allowing the sharing of copyrighted content. He has since taken on issues at the core of our system of government. As a previous presidential candidate himself, Lessig knows first- hand the nature of politics in America. More importantly, he believes he’s found the root of the problem with politics and why politics in America is so corrupt, through the combination of Lessig’s personal experience campaigning as well as the studies he’s done surrounding the role of money in political corruption, Lessig provides an insightful, rousing perspective on the 2016 election. A book singing will immediately follow his talk. Here is the words of his speech:- Why we are here? Fight about idea? Clinton will win the fight. For most: (nothing taken for granted) .a fight about the system, issues will not matter. Who can make change will? On this, Clinton is in trouble. Then he (Describing election of Hillary Clinton / Donald trump as president as a safe or risky choice for the country? Clinton : safe: 47% – risky: 51% / trump: safe: 30% – risky: 67%) If she can’t crack this, she loses. Certainly: debate. Possibly: election. What’s hard for us in the Ellet to recognize that Donald trump is not DC mean ( not who will govern the us and white house). He is not PC , not triangulating, not beholden. He is seems to be simple truth, and the contrast between him and Clinton in this respect could not be greater. (Then the speaker shows us video about Clinton and her response to the people when the ask her: how she is feeling? She just answered then with the word (great). And another question to Clinton: what happen? She just answered wit the word( it’s beautiful day in NY)!!!! The speaker confused why she answered to people on that way?!!!!. Don’t know!! In simple human moment any of us can get sick, and in single scene confirm the way she is being frame the just of peace with the way Washington is. It confirm the image which I don’t think fair or true but the image will has offer as posturing an inauthentic and unreal. The speaker said (now don’t get me wrong this should be obvious I hope. I’m not for trump, I’m trapped by certain attitude I have. People talk about PC and I see C which I understand to be CORRET. Then he say: its possible for us to understand with empathy what’s going on here?. Because what’s going on here is a significant portion of a public believe this man should be president (trump). They see trump not as trigger for something, but is a trigger against DC, against a status quo that many of people believe as corrupted as unresponsive and elite- driven democracy. Elite confused about the power of the frustration that the core how politics are wright now?. 2/so is it real? Justified? In my opinion (speaker) it’s absolutely justified. I’m absolutely (speaker) a populist. I’m not a populist in every respect look I make the elite for a liven I’m a Harvard law professor, but in this respect this system unspeakably corrupt system, but it is corrupt it is not that clear because the corruption of the system does not mean we have criminals in our government it is not bribery that I’m talking about what is mean that a corrupted system same as it ever was. So, to begin this: I want to understand what: this corruption is? Understand how: it exists? And want understand some examples. Texas in 1923 has adopted law : said fro democratic primary ONLY WHITE PRIMARY COULD VOTE. Democracy responsive to whites only. Not uncommon. In hung kung about a year ago. Adopted a law: the ultimate aim is the selection


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