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1- you must answer at least two questions about the monster movie documentary in the form of a short paragraph, Discussion Questions: 1. The documentary’s host, Mark Gatiss, says that he has always had a fascinationwith monster movies,even from childhood. Later, he says that Hollywood film studios lost interest in making horror films even when the public was still craving monsters, as evidenced in the success of the double-feature he mentions, despite either of them being new. How do you account for the public’s (and Gatiss’, and perhaps even your own)fascinationwith horror movies and monstrosity? How was the genre able to achieve success so quickly? 2. Boris Karloff made a name for himself by playing monsters. At one point, Gatissquestions why Karloff may have been able to play those creatures so well and whether he was able to identify with them. Do you agree with what is said in conversation between Karloff’s daughter and Gatiss? What do you make of Karloff’s belief that “the children understood” his characters? 3. Near the end of the documentary, Gatiss makes a comment about the monster’s ability to rise again after the audience believes it to be dead. How does this and other ideas echo or compare with what we have read in our Monsters text?


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