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CHAD: Engineers cannot solve every problem alone, it takes a team. Many issues can happen in the mechanical engineering field, problems that include more than one brain to figure out. Henceforth, this is where a team comes in hand. What types of teams solve problems in mechanical engineering? In this field there are teams made up of foremen, bosses, lead engineerings and project managers that come together and solve problems. Effective communication, sense of respect, and responsibility are important parts of team problem solving. Without effective communication the team would have heated and long hostile chats. “No matter how minor or major the lack of communication is, poor communication will strain the productivity of the organization” (Alex Writing). JENNA: Teamwork becomes successful based on having certain developed characteristics that help bring the group together as a unit. These traits are described as the following: commitment, interdependence, interpersonal skills, openness, appropriate composition, and accountability**. Even if ones of these categories does not meet expectations the group will then become dysfunctional and lead to severe problems in the mechanical engineering field. We interviewed former boss, Tony Ross, lead foreman for JAMCo. The company installs glass on high rise buildings and wields. We asked Mr. Ross a couple questions about problem solving and teamwork, his responses-opinions are posted below. 1. What causes the main problems in a team group of people trying to solve a problem? “Majority of the time, the problem starts with a lack of respect. The team has a heated discussion due to the fact that the person in charge of the problem occurring feels disrespected when his project fails. No one likes to fail.” 2. What is the best was to solve this? “The boss or project manager should have a one on one conversation with the person responsible for the problem first. Let them know how the problem should be solved and it will take a team to solve it. Because majority of the time a problem in the engineering field is a big problem.” HABEN: In the act of communication there can be real misunderstanding between the recipient and the person that is giving the information. This is what is often called Communication Barriers. There are several reasons that cause this distortion of information. This consist of poor planning, semantic distortion, poor listening ability, information overload, and premature evaluation. The most common factor of communication barrier is difference in language. If the speaker and the listener do not have the same accent certain words or phrases will become misinterpreted. For example, “khakis” sounds like “car keys” in a boston accent. Even more confusing is if you are not very familiar with another language at all. We can even apply this same issue to universities. When students first come to the United States from another country it is very difficult to fluently speak english. This barrier can lead to negative performances at anytime. Ross, Tony.Foreman, Jamco (Atlanta, GA) Phone Confress, 6:00 p.m. 8 September 2016. Tarricone, Pina & Luca, Joe. “Successful teamwork: A case study.” 2002. PDF “What Are the Barries of Communication in an Organization? I


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