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English homework help


Remembering Who You Were (Writing Project 1) Teacher instruction: We are all products of our pasts, shaped by our life experiences. You will select one aspect of your past life to share with us and help us all get to know you, as a part of our writing community. Were you in a punk band in high school? Have you been playing chess all of your life? Did you have a major event that shifted how you view the world? Focus on including vivid description and using strong, specific verbs in your narrative to let us see you through your story. You should make author decisions about whether to use present or past tense, or first or third person. You should consider, but are not required, to include some dialogue. This essay should be 4-5 pages long and does not require outside sources. Once you are content with your content, consider your presentation. This is the essay which is most about you, and your presentation should reflect you and your topic. You may want to submit it on plane white paper, make it look like a newspaper, print it in purple ink on pink paper, add images, etc. This essay should be 4-5 pages long and does not require outside sources. *All reading should be done before class on the date assigned. You should come to class prepared to discuss it, in small or large groups, and in oral discussion or writing. Student instruction: My brainstorming: 1. The essay should talk about why I choose to be a chemical engineering. 2. I choose it because my father was a chemical engineering and I wanted to be like him a very successful man. 3. Easy to find job 4. Very high salary 5. I was very good in chemistry than any other things like physics and biology. 6. I choose it because I love chemistry, and to deal with chemical things 7. Our country needs engineering more than any majors because they mostly dealing with chemical things such as petroleum 8. I was choosed by a scholarship to study chemical engineering abroad because of my high GPA in school 9. I like to learn things instead of memorizing them.


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