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CUL3020 FOUNDATIONS OF WINE NAME:______Zheng Guo_____________________________________ 1. Definition of wine The fermented juice of grapes. 2. Vitis Vinefera Many species of grapes and thousands of varieties within each species. 3. What type of alcohol is produced as a result of fermentation? 4. Who introduced wood to the Romans for wine making and how was it utilized? 5. Where and when does wine making date back to? 6. How did the Benedictines, Carthusian, and Cistercian monastic orders improve wine making technology? 7. List (4) advancements that Dom Perignon made in the science of wine making? 8. Define Negociants 9. What is Oidium and how is it treated? 10. List (4) ways that Louis Pasteur suggested bacteria, especially acetobacter, could be controlled. 11. What is Phylloxera Vastatrix and where did it come from? 12. What is the solution to Phylloxera? 13. What is the Apellation Controlee system? 14. Define “Terroir” 15. What is an AVA? 16. What did the planting of AxR1 rootstock in CA result in?


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