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Answer both questions 1 and 2 below in this same discussion. 1. Research and discuss one of the following: The use of noncompete agreements in a media job contract and discuss whether these agreements make sense, should be enforced, or should be prohibited. Research noncompete agreements in Internet related jobs and discuss whether these agreements make sense given the inherent nature of the Internet, and should be enforced, or should be prohibited. If you have a noncompete with your employer, research state law where your employer has an office. Did you understand the terms of the noncompete before signing it? Did you receive separate compensation for the noncompete? What are the terms of the noncompete? Do you feel this noncompete is valid and enforceable under the state law you researched. You must post your sources in the Dropbox for Week 4 by Friday at 11:59 pm. Failure to post your sources will result in a deduction of points. Do not post the sources in your discussion. 2. Chapter 16 Discussion question 3, p. 411 (restated here for your convenience): A disc jockey named Z-Trip made a remix of a Beastie Boys song with the hip-hop group’s permission. Monster Energy (ME), an energy drink company, wanted to use the remix as part of a video promotion. ME sent an email asking Z-Trip to approve the video. In an email, Z-Trip responded “Dope!” When the Beastie Boys sued ME for copyright infringement, ME claimed that Z-Trip’s reply was a contract granting it approval to use the remix. Is there an enforceable contract between Z-Trip and ME?


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