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English homework help


1. What is the product or service being promoted or advertised? Be as specific as possible: for example, don’t just say ‘paint’, say “Behr brand half gallon paint” 2. What medium was your commercial — that is, TV? sign on the road? newspaper? And again, be specific about the source; not just ‘the newspaper’, but, ‘which newspaper, on what day?”, etc. And these following questions are essentially the core of a ‘rhetorical analysis’ of any kind: II Part Two: Audience 3. Who do you see as the main ‘intended audience’ for this product/service? WHY — what makes you think this? 4. Is this ad ‘seasonal’ in any way, or, related to a particular ‘time frame’, or is it pretty much an all year round thing? If it is seasonal, indicate the season ‘aimed at’, and how you can tell it is that season or special time?


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