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Compose a 4-page essay in which you identify and analyze your temperament: (1) identify your own dominant temperament type (1 of 4 main types–Guardian, Idealist, Artisan, Rational) and the role variant (1 of 16 types–if Guardian, then Supervisor, Inspector, Provider, Protector, etc.) (2) give examples of how you fit that exact temperament type (remember to consider how you use tools and how you communicate–utilitarian/cooperative & abstract/concrete) (3) identify the temperament type (at least specific to the 1 in 4 main type) of a relative and give examples of how that person fits that temperament type (4) discuss your current and/or future vocational choice in light of the specifics of your temperament type and role variant (1 of 16)–Does it seem like you are a good fit for where you work now? How about the fit you will find in the future vocational choice(s) you plan to make? How so? How might you not be a perfect fit now or in the future based on Keirsey’s temperament theory?


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