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How do texting, handheld phones, and hands-free phones compare with each other in their effects on driving? How do other, traditional distractions compare to cell phone use in their effects on driving (such as eating, attending to children, talking to passengers, listening to music/news, etc.)? Can cell phone use while driving be compared with drunk driving? Why or why not? What other variables (such as age) can affect driving while using a cell phone? Based on your reading of the five articles, create an annotated bibliography for each of the five sources. Each annotation should consist of the APA reference entry followed by a paragraph-long summary of the articles. In your summary, provide answers for the questions below. For the last question, think about how the research results could be generalized to fit other environments or not be generalized. Summarize the main ideas in the reference. What were they investigating? How were the studies conducted? What was the sample size? Is it appropriate? Were the studies conducted in the real world or was a simulated environment used? How might these methodological considerations affect the research findings and the conclusions drawn from them? How does this article fit in with your paper? How did it influence your own ideas about your paper?


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