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English homework help


write about 3 to 4 pages about literacy narrative writing includes dialoug and focus on interisting title. chech the uploaded attachment . there are 2 examples of literacy narrative writing. you are going to write a story happend to me, and the audience will be my teacher. ________________________________________________________________________ you are going to write a story happend to me personaly, im going to explain it briefly here , and you are gonna complete it and add stuff to it by your imagination. i’m just gonna give the idea of the writing, and you can write what ever you want. and use an easy word and no need to cite any references. ______________________________________________________________________ the story is : one day in childhood age, me and my cousins gathering and they always singing an english songs. im thinking with my self (what did they say, i’m not understanding any word from them). i had asked them what are you saying? they answerd me we are singing an english song. i asked them how did you learn english?, they answerd me we listen to english songs becuasde we love the music till we saved the song and singing the song every time. day by day we learn diffferent words , and now we have the ability to speak english as well , and that how did they answer my question. since we are an arabic people (from middle east) and arabic is our first language you will face some difficulties in learning other language., but i did not care about any difficulties, and i had challege my self. i did learn english language from childehood, and now i’m studying in united states which is there first language is english with no difficulties.


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