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Complete steps 1-5: (1) Read the Instructions, (2) View the video, (3) answer teacher questions, (4) post your own questions, (5) answer classmate questions. For this video discussion you will first look at 2 speeches of tribute. To view the speeches, click on the video links below or in the web links. Once you view the speeches, post your responses to ALL of the following questions. Please make sure you provide thorough full sentence answers with examples. After you answer the following questions, write 2 of your own questions/comments for your classmates to answer about the video. You will then need to respond to at least 2 questions/comments posted by your classmates. Number your answers to each question: 1. Based on the book’s discussion of the importance of language (chapter 8) and the imprtance of stylistic devices in special occasion speeches, did you recognize the stylistic devices used by the speakers? What were they – give examples. 2. How did the speeches differ in tone? Was the tone appropriate to each speech? 3. What did you like and dislike about the content of the speeches? 4. What overall feeling/mood did each the speech evoke? 5. What did you learn from this speech that you will remember when putting together your special occasion speech?


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