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English 101-91 Essay #1 Assignment


i need 2 essay same topic but include different English 101-91 Essay #1 Assignment Length: 2-3 pages double-spaced For your first essay please consider the five essays that we have read so far. Each one of them begins with a personal connection to a larger question or issue. Create a narrative in which you connect some personal element to a larger question or idea. Use one of the essays as a model. This assignment is designed to get you to generate ideas on your own. As such, I want you to feel free to explore any topic that seems appropriate to you. Remember that you will be asked to share your writing in class and you should not write about anything private. Writing is thinking and this essay asks you to do a lot of thinking, reflecting, thinking about your thinking (metacognition) and concluding. Our goal is to contend with as much complexity as possible. You will generate a lot of information and probably even more questions than you hoped for. Go with it. This intellectual exercise will not fit neatly into a five paragraph essay. That model is not equipped to handle this type of exploration. In this exercise, and many in our future, content trumps format (initially, at least).


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