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ENGL 135 Week 3 Assignment


ENGL 135 Week 3 Assignment Central Idea/Focus: Thesis statement or main idea exists; all ideas consistently address this main idea. Off-topic or irrelevant ideas should not exist. Support/Development of Ideas: Ideas are sufficiently developed for each point. Organization/Structure: The internal structure of a piece of writing, the thread of central meaning. All ideas are organized well without any missing or incomplete components. The answers are from one to three sentences each. Grammar, Mechanics, and Style: Grammar refers to correctness of language usage. Mechanics refers to conventional correctness in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Style includes word choice, sentence variety, clarity, and conciseness. Also, sentences vary in length and structure; ideas are clear, logical, and concise. APA including Paper Format: Correct title page, headers, second page title, margins, alignment, spacing, font, and size. English Help, English Homework help, English Study Help, English Course Help


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