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ENGL 135 ENGL135 ENGL/135 Week 1 Assignment


ENGL 135 ENGL135 ENGL/135 Week 1 Assignment 1. Narrow Topic/Focus: Student chose a topic and listed five questions about it. Student sufficiently narrowed the topic. 2. Topic’s Importance: Student described his or her connection to the topic. Student described the motivation for choosing the topic. 3.Points of View: In two separate paragraphs, student summarized at least two perspectives on the topic. Summaries are in student’s own words and use APA style guide. 4.Audience: Student identified the readers’ needs, motivations, and influences and explained how they affect the essay. 5.Angle: Student identified the specific issue inside of the larger topic. Student identified one question about the topic to direct the research and included the word “should.” Student provided an answer, and it can serve as the paper’s thesis statement. 6.Grammar, Mechanics, and Style: Grammar refers to correctness of language usage. Mechanics refers to conventional correctness in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Style includes word choice, sentence variety, clarity, and conciseness. Also, sentences vary in length and structure; ideas are clear, logical, and concise. English Help, English Homework help, English Study Help, English Course Help


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