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eng170 homework


Eng 170 homework Allied American University Textbook Requirement White, F., & Billings, S. J. (2014). The well-crafted argument (5th ed.). Boston: Cengage. Module 8 PART I Submitting the Completed Essay The final process in developing your argumentative essay is to submit the completed essay of Essay 2. You have already completed an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, an outline, and complete body paragraphs. Now you must put everything together into a complete essay while utilizing APA format. Remember to include a conclusion in your essay. When you submit your completed essay, please make sure that your essay meets the following requirements. The following list is meant to ensure that your essay is complete and ready to submit. You DO NOT have to submit your responses to these seven (7) statements. 1. Your essay has an interesting introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement. 2. Your body paragraphs provide strong evidence related to the thesis statement. 3. Your essay utilizes at least 2 outside sources to support your argument. 4. Your essay utilizes in-text citations in APA format when incorporating sources. 5. Your conclusion restates your main idea (thesis statement) and the supporting details. 6. Your conclusion ends with a lasting impression. 7. Your essay lists your sources on a References page at the end of the essay. Recap: You will submit your final draft of Essay 2 complete with: • an introductory paragraph • body paragraphs • a conclusion • a minimum of two (2) outside sources Part II Avoiding Fallacies After you have finished writing your essay, you should look back for any logical fallacies. If you find any in your essay, correct them as best you can, and then write a couple of paragraphs in which you describe how that fallacy is easy to commit, and how it can impact an argument. If you do not find any fallacies in your writing, choose a fallacy you think you have committed in the past and write on that.


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