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ENG/096 ENG096 ENG 096 MODULE 4 Assignment 1 Discussion


ENG 096 MODULE 4 Assignment 1 Discussion M4 Assignment 1 Discussion Conclusions Your conclusion will be the “final punch” of your essay. A good conclusion can leave your reader thinking about a piece of writing for days, pondering its implications and adjusting his or her beliefs because of your argument. A bad conclusion can leave a reader confused, dissatisfied, and even wondering about the point of the essay. For this exercise, you will decide how to approach your essay’s conclusion. From your readings, the lesson presentations, or MyFoundationsLab, identify a method you can use in your essay conclusion. For example, you might choose “Ask a question” or “Predict the future.” Remember, the point is not to introduce new material, but rather to use these techniques to connect your thoughts back to your introduction or to broader issues. Identify which technique you will use and explain why it is an effective technique for your conclusion. In your initial posting, include the following: • Your thesis statement, so everyone knows what you are writing about • The techniques you’ve chosen to use in your conclusion • Write a short paragraph (at least five sentences) explaining why this was the best choice for your essay English Help, English Homework help, English Study Help, English Course Help


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