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ENG/096 ENG096 ENG 096 MODULE 3 Assignment 1 Discussion


ENG 096 MODULE 3 Assignment 1 Discussion M3 Assignment 1 Discussion Topic Sentences and Transitions Writing focused topic sentences for each of your body paragraphs is an important step in creating a cohesive essay. A topic sentence is the first sentence of each body paragraph and introduces the main idea of the paragraph. Remember, each topic sentence should relate, in a more detailed way, to your thesis statement. Each topic sentence represents a body paragraph that is yet to be written. In order for your essay to flow smoothly, you will need to successfully transition between each body paragraph. Respond to this discussion with the following information: • Write your revised thesis statement so we know your topic. • List the topic sentence for each of your body paragraphs, three sentences in all. • Write a paragraph explaining how your topic sentences relate to your thesis statement and to each other. Include the type of organization you will use (refer to your textbook readings) and why that type of organization will help your reader see the connection between your paragraphs. List the specific words and phrases you plan to use, either in your topic sentences or in other places in your paragraph, to help guide the reader from one paragraph to the next. English Help, English Homework help, English Study Help, English Course Help


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