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EMK/3601 EMK3601 EMK 3601 Week 3 Assignment


EMK 3601 Week 3 Assignment The Meredith Corporation has developed an expertise in building customer relationships through segmentation, targeting, and positioning. However, the amazing part is that they have accomplished this by focusing on only the female half of the population. By focusing on core categories of home, family, and personal development, Meredith has developed a product mix designed to meet various needs of women. Learning Objectives • Stimulate an interest for considering recommendations for an organization such as Meredith and how it might adapt to the changes in culture and technology • Critical thinking for determining the future of print magazines Visit the Meredith website and answer the following three questions: 1. What are the main variables that Meredith has focused on to segment its markets? 2. Which target marketing strategy do you think best describes Meredith’s efforts? Support your choice. 3. How does Meredith use its variety of products to build relationships with the right consumers? Please provide a 1 ½ to 2 page minimum response, not including cover page and references, at least one referenced source, and APA formatting throughout. • Click the Submit Assignment button below to upload your assignment to Turnitin • Due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET Plagiarism Three common types of plagiarism you need to be aware of as a student: • Recycling a paper; “double-dipping”; self-plagiarism: Reusing a paper you have written for a previous course • Copying directly from a source without proper quotations or paraphrasing: When you try to pass something off as your own work • Not using proper citations According to the Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty Handbook: Your paper should have at least 80% of your own original thought, not “borrowed, paraphrased [or] quoted” from material pulled from the Internet, articles, journals, books, etc. Your thoughts, not someone else’s! Please review the Handbook for more examples of plagiarism and how to avoid it.


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