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Embry LMGT483 6.2 Midterm Exam


Embry LMGT483 6.2 Midterm Exam Question 1 10 pts Briefly describe the difference between a “chase” and “level” planning strategy. Question 210 pts Distributor storage with package carrier delivery is best suited for what types of items? Question 310 How do import duties and exchange rates affect the location decision in a supply chain? Question 410 pts Your authors state that “aggregate forecasts are more accurate than disaggregate forecasts.” What do they mean when they say that and please describe at least one example to illustrate your point? Question 510 pts What is collaborative forecasting and why is it important in supply chain planning? Question 610 pts Question 710 pts Your authors state that flexibility is important in supply chain contracts. In your opinion, is it possible to quantify the value of flexibility and, if so, how? Question 810 pts In practice, most aggregate planning is still done within the enterprise, but many factors outside the enterprise affect the strategic plan. As a supply chain manager, what would you do to improve the quality of your aggregate planning process? Question 910 pts What is the objective of supply chain management? Question 1010 pts Network design decisions must often be made under conditions of uncertainty, and in a global supply chain, there are often many uncertainties. What tool would you use to evaluate supply chain decisions under conditions of uncertainty and why? Question 11 5 pts The following warehousing methodology is one in which goods are not actually warehoused in a facility. Instead, trucks from suppliers, each carrying a different type of product, deliver goods to a facility. There the inventory is broken into smaller lots and quickly loaded onto store-bound trucks that carry a variety of products, some from each of the supplier trucks. Warehouse unit storage Stock keeping unit (SKU) storage Job lot storage Cross-docking None of the above Question 12 5 pts Post delivery customer support would typically be addressed in which of the following SCOR processes? Source Make Deliver Return None of the above


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