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EHC/4498 EHC4498 EHC 4498 Week 5 Self-test


EHC 4498 Week 5 Self-test Below is a database filled with data from a short evaluation questionnaire. The headings for the rows and columns have been left blank. If you were to fill in the headings for the rows and columns, by convention, with the responders and the questionnaire variables, where would you place the responders and questionnaire variables? a. Responders are rows and variables are columns b. Variables are rows and responders are columns c. Responders and variables can be placed in either rows or columns d. Responders are not part of the database 1 3 37 1 2 3 34 2 1 4 100 2 2 5 55 1 Name three useful descriptive statistics. Briefly state six main steps in qualitative analysis.


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