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EHC/4498 EHC4498 EHC 4498 Week 4 Assignment Paper


EHC 4498 Week 4 Assignment Paper Midterm Paper Please review the objectives, directions, and parameters below. Associated essential question and objective: • What are the mission and goals of this Top 100 Hospital? • Identify those standard management practices that are particularly relevant to its success Directions: • Choose and evaluate a Top 100 Hospital (www.100tophospitals.com) • What are the mission and goals of this Top 100 Hospital? • How is the organization structured? What is the corporate culture of the organization? • What are the particular strengths of the organization that have allowed it to become a Top 100 Hospital? Perform a SWOT analysis on the organization. What challenges and opportunities does it face? • What are the hospital’s sources of funding? Is it a private (proprietary) or not-for-profit hospital? • Is it a research or teaching hospital? Is the hospital currently participating in any clinical studies? • Describe its management information systems. Does it have CPOE? Did the hospital also make the list of the Most Wired Hospitals? Parameters: • The paper must be in APA format with a minimum of four pages of body text, double-spaced with relevant citation to any externally-referenced material • An additional page for the bibliography is required • A title page and an executive summary are also required • Submit your assignment via the Digital Drop Box


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