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EHC/4498 EHC4498 EHC 4498 Week 3 Case Study


EHC 4498 Week 3 Case Study: The Model College Counseling Center A SWOT analysis is a very effective way of identifying strengths and weaknesses of examining the opportunities and threats faced by an organization. Carrying out an analysis using the SWOT framework helps an organization to focus its activities into areas where it is strongest and where the greatest opportunities lie. • Read – “The Model College Counseling Center” in Management of Human Service Programs (pg. 75) • Perform a SWOT analysis for the counseling center of Hillsboro University and answer the following questions o What are the real issues at stake? o If you were to be involved in a planning process like the one suggested by the university vice president, what steps would you follow? o Who would be involved in the planning process? o Is there any way that earlier planning procedures might have prevented the conflict described in this case? o Post your response to the Digital Drop Box Use the Submit Assignment button below to upload your assignment file(s) to the Digital Drop Box. Due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET


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