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Eezekiel delivers pesticides to farmers’ cooperatives


Question Question 1 Ezekiel delivers pesticides to farmers’ cooperatives. When planning his daily routing pattern, Ezekiel prefers to start with the customers furthest away and work his way back to his company’s office. Which routing pattern is followed by Ezekiel? Straight-line Parallel Perpendicular Horizontal and vertical Cloverleaf 4 points Question 2 The T-account close is also called the Benjamin Franklin close. True False 4 points Question 3 Building a lasting business friendship based on mutual trust typically takes time. True False 4 points Question 4 An effective way to respond to some objections is to use someone else’s experience as proof. This technique is called the: jury of executive opinion method. outside reference technique. third-party answer technique. boomerang method. counterbalance method. 4 points Question 5 An insurance company should most likely: form territories based on income distribution. make geographical sales territories. avoid making distinct sales territories. make small, local sales territories. have territories with only prospects. 4 points Question 6 “Your competitor’s product is better” This is an example of source objection. True False 4 points Question 7 After the pharmaceutical salesperson asks for the order, the very next thing he should do is to: describe the options from which the buyer may choose. place his order pad on the counter and open it to a new page. remain silent and wait for the prospect to respond. offer the prospect an extra inducement to buy now. confirm the size of his commission. 4 points Question 8 It is wise to use the account segmentation approach in a market with heterogeneous needs. True False 4 points Question 9 According to the text, wasting time during the sales call by involving in small talks is a deadly sin of business selling. True False 4 points Question 10 Segmenting the market into territories can be very effective in industries like insurance and retail. True False 4 points Question 11 Jack Gangi sells ad space for companies that wish to advertise on buses. As he is selling ad space to a local art gallery owner, he closes by saying, “Since you know so much more about color and design than I do, I can learn a lot working with you developing this ad.” This is an example of a(n) _____ close. summary-of-benefits alternative-choice minor-points compliment standing-room-only 4 points Question 12 The price/value formula helps a salesperson respond to a customer’s price objection. True False 4 points Question 13 Service quality is not determined by customer expectations but on organizational metrics. True False 4 points Question 14 The minor-points close is similar to the balance-sheet close. True False 4 points Question 15 Every sale is a negotiation, and most sales negotiations focus on cost and quality. True False 4 points Question 16 When talking to the young man buying his first new car, the salesperson said, “I’m not sure if we have an FM Modulator to fit your car. Would you want it if we have it in stock?” The salesperson is using a(n) _____ close. probability standing-room-only minor-points assumptive balance sheet 4 points Question 17 Which of the following statements about undifferentiated selling is true? The undifferentiated selling approach is only useful if customers are heterogeneous. Many door-to-door salespeople use the undifferentiated approach. The undifferentiated selling approach allows salespeople to devote time to customers in proportion to the customer’s potential value. The undifferentiated selling approach allows salespeople to streamline their pre-call preparation and thus is growing in popularity. Undifferentiated selling cannot be used in conjunction with a stimulus-response presentation. 4 points Question 18 The cloverleaf pattern: arranges accounts as a group of leaves with no center base. has a salesperson drive around


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