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Education Homework Help


Education Homework Help For Exemplary_Professor00 This paper is intended for you to report on one event that you have attended and a video, and its relationship to what you are learning in this course. This paper should have three parts: 1. brief summary of the event 2. your opinion and what you learned 3. A connection to at least two readings discussed in class with quote, one reading for each (APA style is a must). You will be graded on the details of your narrative, analysis, grammar, and punctuation. At least 4-5 pages. Event: Latino College Expo & Youth Leadership Summit 2017 – seminar 4 Inside Info on Standardized Tests (this one suggest to use joe kincheloe, can talk about no child left behind and standardized test ) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/latino-college-expo-youth-leadership-summit-2017-tickets-30329898543 Video: Transforming Education Through Hip Hop (this one suggest to use love or billings) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y7HnlneKE0 Connecting text: the chapter from the book The Social Foundations Reader: Critical Essays on Teaching Learning and leading in the 21st Century by Eleanor Blair and Yolanda Medina Choose two reading chapter from below that have a connection to the event and video. Henry Giroux or Joe L. Kincheloe – Critical Pedagogy John Dewey – Philosophy of Education Bettina L. Love or Gloria Ladson-Billings – Culturally Relevant Pedagogy


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