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Economics Research


The below paper is a 12-15 page paper excluding table of content, introduction, conclusion and references. The purpose of this research proposal is to lay the foundation for a study in global economics that will study Jamaica. The study will look at the economic atmosphere in Jamaica as an emerging economy. This research proposal will include several sections that must cover the objectives of the study, expected results, sources of data and any other sections deemed important for the study. 2 Objectives of the Study 1) To evaluate the political history of Jamaica 2) To study the economic history and significant economic events in Jamaica 3) To evaluate demographic data for the nation under study 4) To highlight the environmental issues being experienced in Jamaica 5) To study economic data including GDP, exports, imports, standards of living, literacy rate, female participation rates, unemployment, inflation, life expectancy, various growth rates, key business and economic indices. 3 Expected Results The expected result of this study is a research report that will extensively discuss the economic situation in Jamaica. It is expected that this report will begin by looking at the economic and political history of Jamaica since it is important to discuss where the country started its journey of economic prosperity (Fund, 2006). Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean Sea and it is the 5th largest nation in the Caribbean region. Owing to its importance in the region, Jamaica has amassed some political and economic influence in this region and most of its policies can affect other nations in this region. It is also expected that the report will provide an analysis of the environmental issues or challenges facing Jamaica as well as their potential solutions. The report must also collect and analyze demographic data and economic data of the country to denote the current economic condition and possible future outcomes. An analysis of the GDP, export, imports standard of living, literacy rate, female participation rates, unemployment, inflation and life expectancy in Jamaica is expected to produce insightful graphs and charts & tables that clearly show the economic progress of the nation whether positive or negative (Bank, 2004). Depending on the outcome of the study, the research is expected to produce some recommendations for economic policy in Jamaica. For instance, if the report determines that the economy is deteriorating, there should be recommendations on what can be done to save the economy from further ruin. If the economy is progressing positively, the study should propose measures to improve the economy even further. This is the most important part of the report since it will give insights into how future policy makers should influence different economic indicators to achieve the intended outcome (Persaud, 2006). 4 Data Sources The quality of the work or research produced by this study will depend on the sources of data that will be used for the study. This research paper will rely on secondary data and information from recently published sources. The sources of this data will include sources such as books, journals, conference papers, periodicals and internet sources (Flick, 2011). However, due to credibility and quality considerations, few internet sources will be used. Where such sources are used, they will only be used to lay a foundation for claims that can be later validated with data from credible sources that have been peer-reviewed. Therefore, the main source of valid information for this research is the recently published & peer-reviewed journal articles that contain valid information. Using this information, the study will carry out research to meet the above named objectives in a satisfactory manner. It is expected that tables, graphs and charts will be produced when covering issues such as GDP, export, imports standard of living, literacy rate, female participation rates, unemployment, inflation and lif


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