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Econ 393 Assignment 5


Econ 393 Assignment 5 – Compare and contrast Behavioral 1.Compare and contrast Behavioral Finance and the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Give examples for and against each school of thought. 25 pts 2.Research and give 2 examples of Fundamental, Quantitative, Technical Analysis ( total of 6 examples)Explain. 12 pts 3.Do you agree that prices are a random walk ( cannot be predicted) or do you believe otherwise? Explain 10 pts 4.Explain what the Financial Crisis or the Great Recession is. What evolved from the Financial Crisis? Explain. 25 pts 5.From our CME Economic calendar pick (2) US data/report , explain it and say how you think it is important. 12 pts 6.Discuss speculation and hedging. Give advantages and disadvantages. Extra Which topic(s) of our course was(were) the most interesting? Why?


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