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ECO/562 ECO562 ECO 562 Discussion 2


ECO 562 Discussion 2 This discussion will build on the topic we discussed in the first discussion we had as a class. Assume you have been called into the College of Business Dean’s office. As a group of obviously brilliant and creative Lion students with some expertise in managerial economics, Dean Humphreys is interested in your ideas to expand the MBA program. Use the schematic of the cost-benefit analysis process to identify issues to include in your discussion. Also consider the topics discussed under the OBJECTIVES AND CONSTRAINTS IN COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS sub-heading of chapter 17. As you suggest ways to improve upon the MBA program, discuss the likely costs and benefits of your suggestions. Of course, since more heads are better than one, and there are benefits from working collaboratively, feel free to comment on each other’s posts. As you begin to flesh out and agree on some ideas to improve our program, begin to discuss how you would approach forecasting the effect of these proposals on enrollment demand. What type of data would you use? When it comes to forecasting enrollment demand, what types of indicators are likely to be leading, coincident, and lagging indicators? What macroeconomic variables would you want to include? This discussion will center around the application of what you have learned in principle. It is not necessary to conduct a forecast, or to obtain actual costs, to do well in this assignment.


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