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Easy answering about Writing


Easy answering about Writing – Need 1 or 2 paragraphs for answering qustion. – You have to write your own word. 1) Let’s Discussion Plagiarism: what is it? In this Discussion you will consider issues related to academic integrity and ways to avoid plagiarism. In preparation for this assignment, review this web site: see “OWL at Purdue” information about avoiding plagiarism about academic integrity and plagiarism. 2)Critical thinking. Or Thesis, introduction, and conclusion. Post a point you learned from one of the following areas you read about: Ch. 2: review critical thinking information; and/or Ch. 3: thesis, introduction, and conclusion. And, post a question we can discuss about what you do not understand about these 2 chapters of information ( I am pretty sure you do not need a book for this. I just want to define few words or just write down what you think about these word) 3)What is expository writing? Please Google.com ” OWL at Purdue” web site and review expository and research writing. Then, post your ideas about what this entails in research paper writing.


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