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E-Business Discussio


E-Business Discussion No need for APA format. Please answer each question below. Minimum 80 words. Week 1 Discussion Topic 1 What types of e-business services do you use in your job? How has the evolution to e-business affected business services? How has the Internet supported the growth and opportunity of e-business? How has the evolution of e-commerce and e-business affected the supply chain and its legal, ethical, and regulatory aspects? Please describe why you think your answer is correct and if you have any other examples please explain them. Topic 2 What is the difference between e-business and e-commerce? How can a company be involved in e-business and not in e-commerce? How do the supply chain components differ between e-business and e-commerce? How does your company’s supply chain support its e-business efforts? D3 In pure EC, the product, the process, and the delivery agent must be digital. (True or False) Please explain: D4 Does anyone know what the company was originally called and why they renamed it? Amazon.com is an example of which e-Business model? a. B2B b. B2G c. C2B d. C2C e. B2C D5 Discuss the origins of, and the key technology concepts behind, the Internet D6 Describe how Internet and Web features and services support e-commerce. D7 How is the Internet governed and why taxation of e-commerce raises governance and jurisdiction issues?


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