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Dollar Stores, Inc


Part 1 Introduce the background and history of Family Dollar Stores, Inc. and discuss the major trends of the industry in which it operates. This should include the name of organization, brief (one paragraph) history and growth of the organization, core business, and major trends in that industry. Make sure you use in-text citations (APA format) to give credit to sources when used. Minimum word count is 200. Part 2 It is competitive essay,the object is eating outside,must conform the MLA form,must has 5 works cited,should have 3 to 6 pages,three types quotation,prohibit using Google translate something directly.thank you very much,furthermore,please accomplish the introduction within 3 hours and deliver to me,causei should turn it in tomorrow morning,then,the rest of the whole essay as long as you finish before tomorrow 9 pm is ok.appreciate again Part 3 What is your idea of a healthy community? Provide specific examples. What do healthy communities have in common? How would you provide care for a community if your idea of a healthy community does not match your community’s definition of a healthy community?


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