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Depression among Adolescent and young mothers –sociocultural Read the topic/question as listed with details. 20 references within last 4- years please scholarly writingstandard Conceptual Framework for postpartum depression-sociocultural Qualitative Analysis of Adolescent and adult mothers. (one page) [Identify and define the concept/phenomenon that grounds the study.Describe concisely the conceptual framework (for qualitative studies, the distinctive ideas; for quantitative studies, a description of the body of research that supports the need for the study) as derived from the literature,with reference to a more detailed analysis in Chapter 2. State the logical connections among key elements of the framework with a reference to a more thorough explanation in Chapter 2.State how the framework relates to the study approach and key research questions as well as instrument development and data analysis where appropriate.Note: A framework is a container for ideas, information, and such. A theory is a body of knowledge that is explanatory and predictive. For example, Porter’s value chain is a framework, while Ricardo’s comparative advantage is a theory..] Nature of the Study (one page) [Provide a concise rationale for selection of the design/tradition. Briefly describe the key concept and/or phenomenon being investigated. Briefly summarize the methodology –Qualitative (from whom and how data are collected and how data will be analyzed). Definitions (one page) [Provide concise definitions of key concepts or constructs. Define terms used in the study that have multiple meanings (e.g., socioeconomic status, educator, health service professional). Do not include common terms or terms that can easily be looked up in a dictionary. Include citations that identify support in the professional literature for the definition or operational definition.Notes: The term should be indented the same as a paragraph indent, italicized, and terminated with a colon, with the definition itself in plain type, sourced, and listed alphabetically. Assumptions (1/2 page) [Clarify aspects of the study that are believed but cannot be demonstrated to be true. Include only those assumptions that are critical to the meaningfulness of the study. Describe the reasons why the assumption(s) was/were necessary in the context of the study. Scope and Delimitations (1/2 page) [Describe specific aspects of the research problem that are addressed in the study and why the specific focus was chosen. Define the boundaries of the study by identifying populations included and excluded and theories/conceptual frameworks most related to the area of study that were not investigated. Address potential transferability. Limitations(1/2 page) [Describe limitations of the study related to design and/or methodological weaknesses (including issues related to limitations of transferability and dependability). Describe any biases that could influence study outcomes and how they are addressed. Describe reasonable measures to address limitations. Significance to Practice- (one page) [Identify potential contributions of the study that advance practice and/or policy (as applicable).] Significance to Theory (one page) [Identify potential contributions of the study that advance knowledge in the discipline. This is an elaboration of what the problem addresses.] Significance to Social Change (one page) [Describe potential implications for positive social change that are consistent with and bounded by the scope of the study.] Chapter 2: Literature Review(1/2 a page) [Restate the problem and the purpose.Provide a concise synopsis of the current literature that establishes the relevance of the problem. Preview major sections of the chapter.Note: This section should be less than a page in length.] Literature Search Strategy (one page) [List accessed library databases and search engines used. List (and italicize) key search terms and combinations


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