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Discussion Forum


Examine your organization and leadership through the following questions: 1. What is vision in your work environment and how does one foster a shared vision in this kind of environment? 2. What signals (verbal and non verbal) do individuals send to leaders to communicate that they are inspired? 3. What metaphors/visual pictures are seen in your organization to communicate a shared vision? For example, some organizations use sports metaphors such as we are a team and others use family metaphors as we are one big happy family. 4. What do you think your/your leader’s strengths are at creating clarity as a collaborative leader? Areas of improvement? 5. What recommendations/changes would you make based on your evaluation of your organization to Inspire a Shared Vision? Instructions: What is the purpose of a forum? Think of the forum as a classroom experience where you “meet” with your instructor and peers to discuss the weekly topic in terms of the readings, assignments and resources that have been assigned. The desired outcome is that you are able to (1) collaborate with peers and the instructor, (2) demonstrate your understanding of the material, and (3) participate as a member of an online community. What are the responsibilities of the instructor? The instructor’s goal is to create an engaging and safe environment for students to learn. In addition, instructors should pose questions promoting deeper thought as well as encourage students to interact with their peers in the classroom. There should be an active instructor presence throughout the week. What are the responsibilities of the student? Each week, you are required to make a 250 word initial posting and respond to a minimum of 2 students. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. Please review the forum grading rubrics in order to understand how your responses in the forum will be graded.


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