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Discuss the phenomenon of illegal downloading from a number of perspectives


Detailed Requirements You must write an essay of approximately minimum 1500 on one of the topics below. Your essay must be properly written and organised and must contain a bibliography of works that have been consulted, cited or referred to in the essay. This assessment is designed to test your abilities to evaluate, assess and criticise the ethical materials presented in this module. You should concentrate on the ethical questions involved, but may look at other issues (e.g. legal, economic, social, business, etc.). You are free to explore the topic as much as you wish. What will be assessed is your ability to: a) correctly formulate a reasoned judgement by using appropriate research and valid logic; and b) present your research in an organised and well written report. You must incorporate into your argument the various topics presented in the lectures, including ethical theory and the BCS Code of Conduct. As this is a research exercise, you must find and incorporate into your essay at least two journal articles. This material should be used in support of your argument, and must be properly referenced. A COPY OF AT LEAST TWO ARTICLES MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE REPORT. You are advised to make use of the library services, and should make full use of the research services and assistance that is provided to students. Note: This is a research exercise in which you are to evaluate and discuss the current literature in the field and formed a reasoned judgement. Any attempt to 5 discuss your personal opinions that are not founded on research will not be given much, if any, credit. As an anti-plagiarism measure, the lecturer reserves the right to interview any student. Failure to attend an interview may result in a failure. Topics You are to formulate a cogent argument relating to one of the following topics: Illegal downloading of normally copyrighted material has become a major source of controversy. However, there are a number of ethical considerations involved. Discuss the phenomenon of illegal downloading from a number of perspectives. OR Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have obtained dominant market shares in their respective fields. This phenomenon has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Discuss the ethical considerations inherent in allowing one company to obtain such dominance in a particular field of computing. OR With the permission of the lecturer, any other topic that interests you. ________________________________________


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