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Discuss the ethical and corporate governance issues:


The element of your report should consist of 800 words and should draw upon and make reference to appropriate research articles, articles in professional magazines and the financial press. You are required to discuss the ethical and corporate governance issues: Question: whether law firms should be entitled to pay referral fees to garages and insurance companies targeting vehicle crash incidents. Note • 800 words • Introduction 10% • Conclusion 10% • Main body 80% • All reference should be form United Kingdom. • All reference should be new between 2008 and 2011. • All reference should be available (i.e. journals, books, interment resource). • Use the Harvard referencing system. • Put reference in text e.g. (surname + year + page number) • Put bibliographical reference e.g. ( author’s name , year , title of article , title of journal, volume , issue, page or pages) • NO plagiarism. • Use easy wards.(academic word and intermediate level )


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