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disadvantage of the use of digital certificates


disadvantage of the use of digital certificates 1. One disadvantage of the use of digital certificates as a means for twofactor authentication is NOT: a. Digital certificates may not be portable across different types of machines b. The password used to unlock the certificate may be weak and easily guessed c. It may be possible to steal the certificate and use it on another computer d. A digital certificate can theoretically be copied, unlike tokens and smart cards which are not easily cloned 2. A smart card is a good form of two-factor authentication because: a. It contains a certificate on a microchip that is resistant to cloning or cracking b. It can double as a proximity card for building entrance key card systems c. It does not rely on internal power like a token d. A smart card is portable and can be loaned to others 3. Organizations that implement two-factor authentication often do not adequately plan. One result of this is: a. Some users will lose their tokens, smart cards, or USB keys b. Some users will store their tokens, smart cards, or USB keys with their computers, thereby defeating one of the advantages of two-factor authentication c. Users will have trouble understanding how to use two-factor authentication d. The cost of implementation and support can easily exceed the cost of the product itself 4. Palm scan, fingerprint scan, and iris scan are forms of: a. Strong authentication b. Two-factor authentication c. Biometric authentication d. Single sign-on 5. A biometric authentication system that incorporates the results of newer scans into a user’s profile is less likely to: a. Have a lower False Accept Rate b. Reject future authentication attempts as the user’s biometrics slowly change over time c. Correctly identify and authenticate users d. Reject an impostor Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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