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Diluted Earnings


Diluted Earnings Listed below are several ratios. a. degree of financial leverage b. basic earnings per common share c. price/earnings ratio d. percentage of earnings retained e. dividend payout f. dividend yield g. book value per share Required: Match the letter that goes with each formula. _____ 1. Dividends per Common Share/Diluted Earnings per Share _____ 2. Net Income – Preferred Dividends/(Weighted Average Number of Common Shares Outstanding) _____ 3. Net Income – All Dividends/Net Income _____ 4. (Total Stockholder’s Equity -Preferred Stock Equity) / Number of Common Shares Outstanding _____ 5. (Earnings Before interest, Tax,Noncontrolling Interest, Equity Income, and Nonrecurring Items) / (Earnings Before Tax, Noncontrolling Interest, Equity Income, and Nonrecurring Price per Share) _____ 6. Market Price per Share / Diluted Earnings per Share _____ 7. Dividends per Common Share / Market Price per Common Share Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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