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Digital subscriber line (DSL) service


Digital subscriber line (DSL) service 1. A network engineer who is examining telecommunications circuits has found one that is labeled as a DS-1. What is the maximum throughput that may be expected from this circuit? a. Approximately 7,000k chars/sec b. Approximately 56k bits/sec c. Approximately 170k chars/sec d. Approximately 1,544M bits/sec 2. The size of packets in an ATM networks is: a. 53 bytes b. 1500 bytes c. 1544 bytes d. Variable, from 64 to 1500 bytes 3. Digital subscriber line (DSL) service: a. Utilizes existing cable service and communicates on a different frequency b. Has been superseded by ISDN c. Has been superseded by satellite communications d. Utilizes existing telephone services and communicates on a different frequency 4. An IT manager wishes to connect several branch offices to the headquarters office for voice and data communications. What packet switched service should the IT manager consider? a. ATM b. DSL c. MPLS d. Frame Relay 5. A building facilities manager is overseeing the construction of a new office building for the organization. What type of cabling should be used for voice and data communication: a. 10BASE2 thinnet b. Category 6 twisted pair c. Category 5e twisted pair d. 10BASE5 thicknet Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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