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Diagnostic Writing Sample Previously you selected and read an article. By creating a detailed summary of the article you will evaluate your needs as a writer. Be sure to take notes on your article to help with this assignment. You may write these notes down by hand, type them into the computer, or use a graphic organizer. Your notes will guide you as you write your summary. For this assignment, write a summary paragraph about your chosen article. The summary should include: An introductory sentence that identifies the title of the article, who wrote it, and the main idea of the article. At least 3-5 body sentences that identify supporting details and any questions the article left unanswered. A sentence that comments on the effectiveness of the article’s conclusion. A concluding sentence that restates the main idea and provides closure for the paragraph. An APA style citation for the article. For more information on APA, click on the Resources tab in this course. Use of appropriate, standard grammar and mechanics, as well as careful proofing. The final product should be relatively error-free. Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


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