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Developing Nations



Essay Topic: “Has globalization resulted in numerous benefits for wealthy nations, but has had negative impacts on poorer countries?” Format: • Words limit: 900 to 1000 words. • It should show the negative impacts on developing nations due to globalization and providing some examples of those nations. • Due time: Sunday by 10am morning • Harvard referencing system Some relevant helpful details and example: (This is only helpful idea) Example how it should be look like globalization: Globalization has created new methods of communication and business which affect internationalization of market; it has also extended to education and medicine. This development has made some differentiation in life styles of individuals and improved sense of competition between them. Globalization can be defined according to Oxford dictionary (2010) as ‘ a prose’s by which business or other organization develop international influence or start operating on international scale’. This essay will argue that globalization has not been a beneficial source to developing countries. It will examine the areas of careers for females as well as inequality in business and ………………. Firstly, females’ careers have been impacted in developing nations due to market globalization. In those countries women are able to accept jobs offered to them at low price. According to Forster (2005), profit motivation usually encourages organizations to find low-cost females labor. Those organizations are aiming at higher outcome from inexpensive production costs. This would result in unethical business competition which may lead to low wages. In addition, Forster claims that globalization has changed the in- house accountabilities for both genders; female have become more responsible for providing the family needs. Another impact on them is that traditionally, their jobs have changed from domestic tasks and food production to manufacturing. These alterations have created other internal changes within the society’s structure. Also the writer argues that the minimum earnings are insufficient for the basic demands. Furthermore, the medical and educational advantages are excluded. These employees are expected to budget their needs regarding to their monthly or weekly income. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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