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Develop an original research paper on an international business strategy


Total 7 pages I’m taking management class and i have two papers do for the first paper : First paper 1-Strategy Brief: Develop an original research paper on an international business strategy of your choice, based upon your investigation and competitive analysis of two organizations. Prepare the assignment as follows: Identify a strategic opportunity, issue or challenge facing each. Describe relevant, key factors and trends in the business environment. Identify and discuss leadership, organizational structure, key customers and competitors for each. Develop SWOT/TOWS analyses. Identify and assess business strategy for each. Compare business strategies. Recommend applications and/or changes for each business strategy in the future. Evaluate learning, and how you can apply your learning. here u can find the details for this assignment http://www.mediafire.com/?mbb8803o0o07a49 FOR the second Paper 2- Capsule Analysis: For two illustration capsules of your choice from our text, you will prepare an original analysis of strategy and reflection of your learning. For your choice of an “Illustration Capsule” from reading assigned, prepare a 250-300 word analysis and reflection of the Capsule’s content. Include: Identify the subject of your chosen Capsule. Summarize at least 3 main ideas presented in the Capsule. How does each main idea relate to business strategy? Discuss an application of one of these ideas from the Capsule. Reflect: What is important about this idea to you? Can you apply this idea to your Strategy Brief? Be as specific as you can. Evaluate what you have learned for your education in business strategy. here u can find the details for this assignment http://www.mediafire.com/?kqepe03yqfyykt9 Please read it carefully That’s what the instructor told me. Is it clear? “For the Strategy Brief, please choose your own research topic, as long as it is a competitive analysis of two organizations. Your topic should be of high interest to you, and consistent with the content of the course. The organizations you choose should be publicly-traded and well-recognized, as such organizations will have enough information available to you for research. You may choose two organizations competing in the same industry — for example, Hewlett-Packard and Acer in personal computers; or, you may choose two organizations from different industries for competitive analysis, like for example, Google and Volkswagen.” Few weblink for part 2 of assignment http://cl.ly/102q0d3U1u1r1D1v3J1f http://cl.ly/0U2M0I2p2I2d282i2415 http://cl.ly/3a0d1N2b0a353 K3T3l0U


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