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Develop a presentation to be given to the project sponsor


In this assignment, you will develop a presentation to be given to the project sponsor. Note: Each slide must be submitted with 150–200 words of speaker notes. Project Plan – 1 slide Provide an introduction to the project. Develop the project charter, and identify the project sponsor and customer. Describe the components of the project plan, how it will be used throughout the project, and its benefit to the sponsor Project Scope – 1 slide Discuss and come to a consensus on the scope of the project, including the major deliverables and the items that are not part of the scope. Using your knowledge of a packaged system upgrade, describe the interim deliverables that will be created as part of the development process. Discuss how the scope will be approved and how changes to the scope will be documented, reviewed, and approved. Project Human Resource – 5-8 slides Describe the roles and responsibilities that need to be filled on the project. Give a rationale for the staff for the project, assign roles, and describe staff involvement with each major deliverable. Decide if you will use vendors to supplement the team, and ascertain their roles and responsibilities as well as your rationale for making the decision. Describe how staffing changes will be identified, escalated, and resolved.


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