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Develop a generic communications plan and template


Develop a generic communications plan and template. This template will be used to develop a communication plan for your Final Strategic Plan, due in Week Five. I need assistance on my two parts below of this template/plan: 1. Evaluation – How we will know we are successful? What measurements shall we use? 2. Budget 1. 1. Purpose The purpose of a communication plan is to support the strategic objectives and provide action items for the organizational communication of the ( ) for the next (__________________) years/months. This plan serves as a guiding map for all internal and external communication regarding _______________________for (target audience(s) ____________________________. It includes strategic objectives, messages, audiences, media, responsibility assignments, measurements, evaluation and budget. 1. Mission/Vision (complete) 2. Situation Analysis Austin (complete) What methods of communications work? Which methods are ineffective? • Lessons learned • What are the communication issues we wish to address? • Frame the issues; what are the issues really about? Who is affected? • What is our communication infrastructure? (capacity) Who will do the work? How much staff time are we willing to commit to the effort? 4. Business Goals/ Objectives (complete) • Identify the business objectives/goals of ______________________ • Internal/external factors to be considered • What do we want to achieve through our communication? Why? 5. Corresponding Communication Goals/Objectives (complete) • What is the positive vision for the future? What are the changes we wish to see? 6. Key Themes/ Messages (See table of Table of Messages and Audiences) (complete) Not necessary to organize messages in this manner, but sometimes helpful: Theme: broad “highway” of directional meaning with several lanes or “messages” Message: a unit of meaning that runs as part of and in the direction of the “theme”; concise expression of intent • Why change? How? • WIIFM? What’s in it for me? • What do we want our audiences to do? Do differently? • How do we want them to feel? • What do we want them to think? • How/what do we communicate to others who are not directly involved ? Media, Audiences, Schedules (See Communication Plan Implementation Matrix) (complete) 8. Training Managers to Communicate (complete) 9. Evaluation (complete) • How we will know we are successful? • What measurements shall we use? 10. Budget (complete) 1. 11. Appendix • Listing of communication vehicles • Other Media and Vehicles for Organizational Communication ehow.com/how 2116678 write-strategic-communication-plan.html


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