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Demographic segments include generational identifications


Demographic segments include generational identifications 1. Amazon has built capabilities around Internet technology and e-commerce to facilitate information exchanges with its customers in a cost effective manner. This represents which of the three service dimension? a. Reach b. Richness c. Affiliation d. None of the above 2. Viewing the world through the customer’s eyes and constantly seeking ways to create more value for the company enhances a. the reach of the company toward the customer. b. the ability to identify the customer. c. the richness of the relationship with the customer. d. affiliation with the customer. 3. Before the firm decides what products to offer and what benefits and features they will have, the firm must decide all the following questions EXCEPT a. who the firm should serve. b. when the customer’s needs should be satisfied. c. what needs the firm should satisfy. d. what core competencies are needed to satisfy customer needs. 4. Subway is targeting a more narrow market segment among college students than the segment on which McDonald’s focuses. Subway is focusing on students interested in healthy fast food. To select this business strategy, Subway would have used information from all the following categories EXCEPT a. demographic factors. b. psychological factors. c. consumption-pattern factors. d. end-use segments. 5. Demographic segments include generational identifications. Which segment of the population was previously financially conservative, but is now willing to spend money? a. Baby Boomers b. Swing Generation c. World War II Generation d. Generation X Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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