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Dealing With Legal and Ethical Issues


I am having trouble with my part of the team assignment. I have to discuss how three book stores address legal,ethical and security issues, Amazon.com Barnes and Noble Books a million and put the information on 2 or 3 slides for a powerpoint. Can anyone help me with this??? http://www.docstoc.com/docs/31660427/Legal-and-Ethical-Issues-in-E-Commerce/ Amazon.Com and Barnes & Noble are leading companies in its industry. In the online business, there are many issues. Both companies do their business in ethical manner. The companies follow all legal rules and regulation. The companies adopts intellectual property act in their business activities. It is necessary for the all online business seller that they comply with international standards for money transaction. On the other hand, during the purchasing of the books, the consumers have to fill their personal information. The firms do not provide this personal information to other seller. Thus the organizations provide proper protection to their consumers. The security issues are very important in every type of business. The Amazon.com provides significant security to its customers by using effective technology. The Amzon.com, Banes & Nobel and Books a Million uses sound technology in its business. The data encryption is most important technology. While data are filled, all data are encrypted. Furthermore, the S3 technology is also used in online business. By this technology, all data can be secured. The firewall protection and cookies also plays important role in the online business. The credit card related information is not stored on the website, so other visitors cannot get information of buyer’s credit card.


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