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data classification policy


data classification policy 1. An organization wishes to purchase an application and is undergoing a formal procurement process to evaluate and select a product. What documentation should the organization use to make sure that the application selected has the appropriate security-related characteristics? a. Security guidelines b. Security policies c. Security requirements d. Functional requirements 2. A security manager is developing a data classification policy. What elements need to be in the policy? a. Sensitivity levels, marking procedures, access procedures, and handling procedures b. Labeling procedures, access procedures, and handling procedures c. Sensitivity levels, access procedures, and handling procedures d. Sensitivity levels and handling procedures 3. An employee with a previous criminal history was terminated. The former employee leaked several sensitive documents to the news media. To prevent this, the organization should have: a. Reviewed access logs b. Restricted the employee’s access to sensitive information c. Obtained a signed non-disclosure statement d. Performed a background verification prior to hiring the employee 4. An organization recently underwent an audit of its financial applications. The audit report stated that there were several segregation-of-duties issues that were related to IT support of the application. What does this mean? a. IT personnel should not have access to financial data. b. The duties of personnel are not formally defined. c. IT needs to begin the practice of job rotation. d. Individuals in IT have too many roles or privileges. 5. An organization employs hundreds of office workers that use computers to perform their tasks. What is the best plan for informing employees about security issues? a. Include security policy in the employee handbook b. Perform security awareness training at the time of hire and annually thereafter c. Perform security awareness training at the time of hire d. Require employees to sign the corporate security policy Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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