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CSU BBA2010/ BBA2010 Unit 7 Quiz


Question Question 1 Psychographic segmentation is the: category that includes the benefits that consumers seek from products and how consumers use the product. vital starting point for most efforts to segment B2B markets but is seldom used in B2C market. division of the market based on consumer characteristics such as age, ethnicity, and gender. category used to complement other types of market segmentation in B2C markets. 4 points Question 2 When Suzanne was shopping for school supplies in the mall, she was approached by a woman with a clipboard, asking questions about her preference for jeans. Therefore, Suzanne is part of __________ research. secondary unobtrusive survey observation 4 points Question 3 All of the following are outcomes associated with changes in digital technology and the rise of the Internet EXCEPT: mass customization. cognitive dissonance. new types of promotional tools and methods. a shift in power from producers to customers. 4 points Question 4 The biggest disadvantage of observation research is that it: tends to be extremely expensive. yields little or no insight into the motivation behind the observed behavior. generates secondary data rather than primary data. focuses on what people say rather than what they actually do. 4 points Question 5 Jesse is the marketing manager for a large Midwest-based producer of food products. He is in the process of developing the __________, which takes into consideration the marketing strategies for product, price, promotion, and place. competitive mix value chain marketing environment marketing mix 4 points Question 6 A key to successful customer relationship management is to: develop marketing strategies that are universal. collect, manage, and apply the right data at the right time to the right customer. help customers identify new needs-even if they are met by other firms. focus most marketing resources on the pricing and distribution functions of the marketing mix. 4 points Question 7 A well-chosen target market embodies the following characteristics: size, profitability, accessibility, and limited competition. size, limited profitability, accessibility, and competition. limited size, profitability, accessibility, and intense competition. size, profitability, limited accessibility, and intense competition. 4 points Question 8 Rapid improvements in digital technology and the rise in Internet usage over the past 20 years have: shifted the balance of power away from customers and toward producers. decreased the costs of marketing new products and services. increased the costs of distributing new products and services. contributed to a movement away from mass customization and toward demographic marketing exclusively. 4 points Question 9 __________ is a vital starting point for most marketers. Psychographics Analyticals Demographics Cultural awareness 4 points Question 10 Decisions about advertising, publicity, and product placement are all part of a firm’s: product strategy in its marketing matrix. promotion strategy in its marketing mix. demographic strategy in its marketing matrix. distribution strategy in its marketing mix. 4 points Question 11 __________ refers to marketing activities designed to stimulate wholesalers and retailers to push specific products more aggressively over the short term. Brand equity A pull strategy Publicity Trade promotion 4 points Question 12 __________ are brands that a producer owns and markets. National brands Private labels Store brands Retailer brands 4 points Question 13 The creation of __________ is most likely to mark the beginning of the creative development process for the promotion of a product. line extensions brand identity a mission statement a positioning statement 4 points Question 14 In its broadest sense, __________ refers to an organization’s ongoing efforts to create positive relationships with its consumers, employees, su


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