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CS/649 CS649 CS 649 IP DB03 Agile Software Development


CS 649 IP DB 03 Agile Software Development Topics Covered ²Agile methods ²Agile development techniques ²Agile project management ²Scaling agile methods Independent Project #3 (IP) Week-03 [40 points]: 3.6 Compare and contrast the Scrum approach to project management with conventional plan-based approaches as discussed in Chapter 23. Your comparison should be based on the effectiveness of each approach for planning the allocation of people to projects, estimating the cost of projects, maintaining team cohesion and managing changes in project team membership. Discussion Board (DB) #3 Week-03 [10 points]: Describe how you would introduce some methods and documentation from plan-based approaches when scaling agile methods for a larger version of your project if it were developed by a distributed development team.


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