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Critical analysis of TESCO’s UKexternal environment.


HRM inOrganisational Contexts The deadline 8/12/2011 at12.00 p.m. GMT (2,500) Words Topic Title:critical analysis of TESCO’s UKexternal environment. The assignment consists of a critical analysis of an organisations(TESCO) external environment that utilises a recognised analytical framework as a basis for the analysis. Guidelines Introduction : 200 words  Explain why knowledge and understanding of the environment is important for an organisation.  Provide a brief outline of your chosen organisation (e.g. type, sector, size, ownership, location(s) etc.) Main Body (Main question) : 2000 words  Identify key environmental issues and chose appropriate areas for your analysis.  Explain and justify your choice of analytical frameworks (e.g. STEEPLE, 7Forces etc.) 1. Social for examplecare & safetyor. 2. Technological for example communication. 3. Economic for example national income or GDP. 4. Environmental for example packaging orwaste disposal. 5. Political for example government taxesor government policies. 6. Legalfor exampleemployment law. 7. Ethical for example.  Put each factor in one paragraph.  Discuss each factor (STEEPLE) and analysis of the organisation (TESCO).  Discuss one keyissue for each factors (positive and negative impacts).  Use goodarguments andevidence references.  providesuggestions for the organisation.  Do not confuse internal and external factors: the focus is the external environment  Use appropriate data / statistics / academic literary sources to illustrate your discussion.  Provide relevant and purposeful examples from own and/or other organisations where appropriate however balance of text should emanate from academic literary /statistical sources.  Identify counter-balancing issues and possible degrees of uncertainty.  Link issues where appropriate. N.B. Consider the scope of your assignment (2500 word limit) when selecting the range of environmental element(s) to enable you to provide a meaningful analysis. Conclusions: 300 words • Summaries the key discussions. • explain the environmental analysis. • These should flow logically from your main discussion of the identified issues. Bibliography + References: All sources should be clearly cited in accordance with the standards noted in Appendix 1 of the module handbook. It is essential that quality sources are used such as journal article and academic texts. Presentation: A clear, concise, coherent and logical structure is required. Submission Instructions: Instructions on the presentation of written work are in Appendix 1: APPENDIX 1: PRESENTING WRITTEN WORK Layout: -Use 1.5 spacing, 11 or 12 pt clear font (Arial/Times) -Use bold or underline for headings and subheadings – Do not crowd the page – leave plenty of white space Diagrams and tables:can be included in the text if relevant, or can be placed in the Appendix at the end. All must be numbered, according to the section (eg 3.1) and labelled. Appendices: must be clearly numbered and labelled and be referred to in the report. References: Cite all references in a recognised format, for example the Harvard or the Numeric (‘Footnote’) referencing system. Please ensure internal consistency. Guidelines: you might bear in mind some hints that will enhance your written work. Firstly, make sure that you are clear about what the question is asking. Once you are clear about the question, consult the appropriate texts to confirm or modify your position accordingly. When consulting the appropriate texts, you should also seek to develop a broad view of the various themes and issues. This can probably best be accomplished by reading over relevant chapters and articles. When you are satisfied that you have sufficient material to answer the question, give serious thought to ways in which you mi


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