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Cost Accounting


Cost Accounting may be a career opportunity. Cost accounting analysis and communication serve all managers. Realizing what is possible and the tools for analysis are the first step. Post comments and ideas you learned in our class and from your review of real world examples. Consider too the concept of all organizations, including government entities, not for profit organizations, service providers, and professional firms as well as manufacturing, distributors, and retail companies. Professional Organizations: visit the web site www.imanet.org and report on the activities of the nearest local chapter. What topics are included in their most recent meetings and presentations. Do they have a job posting section on their web site? Student membership in the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) may be of interest to you. The web site www.imanet.org includes free access materials as well as information about the CMA exam. The CMA exam may be started prior to your completion of your bachelor’s degree.


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